In 2009, A passionate young lady, Joy who was also a fresh graduate from University was enthralled by the sad state of young girl being abused at her neighbourhood. It was Joy’s passion to help the needy and send a child to school as this was also an inspiration from a lady in Australia who sponsored Joy to have education. On Joy’s first job, it was a great opportunity for her to start helping someone without a second question on her heart; and immediately, on sharing Joan’s life experience she chose to take her in and pay for her school fee. Little did Joy know that this was an opening for so many helpless children to start living under her care until she realized an overwhelming number of less fortunate children coming to her for either a meal, a glass of water or just sharing their stories with Joy. With Joy opening her heart for them, she became a mother to them and her single roomed house became a home for them too. However, it got to her neighbours’ attention who told the landlord of the house that Joy was housing children with no clear backgrounds, some from the streets-with ever dirty ragged clothes and others were run-away from home children due to abuse and mistreatment by own relatives. With a raised conflict, Joy had to look for another home to stay with the children not looking back; Living Life in Abundance Ministry was established with 5 children and registered as a community Based Organization in 2011 with Registration Number WCBO/1353/11.